Creative Strategy Officer

Job Description

- Primary responsible for creating and completing decks and/or content requirements for project bids, online/virtual event efforts, and ad-hoc projects – from developing and writing concepts and themes, storylines, show treatments, consumer journeys, and creative execution for events, activations, videos, virtual platforms, and other requirements expected for a project.
- Work/collaborate closely with his/her partner designer & multimedia artist in building concepts, copy and design requirements, and storyboards for project bids.
- Provide copy requirements (scripts, social media copy, PR/product content) for events, activations, campaigns, and adhoc during the execution stage.

Job Requirements

(1) Must be a college graduate
(2) Excellent problem-solving skills
(3) Knowledgable in creating compelling presentation layouts strategically designed for project bids
(3) Familiarity with different social media platforms, livestreaming platforms, and e-commerce
(4) Must have creative thinking and writing
(5) Must have a good digital creative direction