Lead Data Engineer

Job Description

- Assemble and collect data sets that meet functional and non-functional business requirements.
-Identify, design & implement internal process improvements, automate manual processes, optimizing data delivery, infrastructure for greater scalability.
-Build the infrastructure required for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a variety of sources using SQL, APIs, and cloud services technologies.
-Build tools that utilize the data pipeline to provide actionable insights into customer acquisition, operational efficiency, and other key business performance metrics.
-Build tools for analytics and data team member that assist in building and optimizing the product into an innovative leader.
-Work with data and analytics experts to strive for greater functionality in our data lake, systems, and ML/Feature Engineering for AI solutions.
-Work with cross-functional departments to understand their data needs and requirements and build tools to assist them with their analytics tools.
-Provide leadership, coaching, and mentoring to data engineers to be more effective individual contributors.

Job Requirements

(1) College Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology, Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication) or equivalent
(2) At least 7 years of data engineering work, of which 3 years are in a leadership role
(3) Experience with Apache Airflow or equivalent in automating data engineering workflow
(4) Experience with GCP services
(5) Knowledge in Machine Learning
(6) Strong analytic skills related to working with structured and unstructured datasets
(7) Data-driven, innovative, problem-solver with an analytical mindset and critical thinker