Medical Evidence Specialist II

Job Description

- Will review medical symptoms and service-connected disabilities with the client.
- Develop a strategy plan and communicate this plan with the client.
- Will evaluate the symptoms experienced by the client and develop an accurate statement reflecting their level of disability.
- Must identify which claims a client medically qualifies for and assess the value or expected rating of each claim during the conversation.

Job Requirements

(1) Must be currently with US Registered Nurse license
(2) Preferably with at least 1 year actual nursing experience in the US
(3) Preferably with minimum 1 year phone-based customer service required and at least 2 years experience in office environment
(4) Excellent communication skills with neutral American accent
(5) Advanced knowledge of medical terminology
(6) Thorough knowledge of grammar, document creation, and APA format techniques
(7) Proficient in conversational English